PR116-1997 Stainless Steel Twin Pressure Cooker White

PR116-1997 Stainless Steel Twin Pressure Cooker White


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Make nutritious and satisfying meals with ARSHIA SS Twin Pressure Cooker. It’s the smart choice for eating right– this efficient stainless steel pressure cooker cooks faster than ordinary cooking methods, and preserves delicate flavors and nutrients. You can easily make healthy stews and soups, tenderize lean cuts of meat and more. It comes with close fitting lids that creates a self-basting effect; it has phenolic handle and knob that remain cool-to-the-touch for safety and comfort. The pressure cooker’s eye-catching stainless steel construction will look great on your stove. The aluminum base provides enhanced heat distribution and it’s extremely easy to clean. The ARSHIA SS Pressure Cooker is ideal for use on regular, smooth-top stoves and induction ranges. The smart choice for healthy, flavorful meals, fast and easy.


– Capacity of 5 and 7 Liters respectively

– Finest stainless steel

– Never rusts for sparkling durability

– Close fitting lids create a self-basting effect

– Phenolic handle and knob remain cool-t0-the-touch for safety and comfort.

– Handles are oven safe up to 350°F/180°C.

– Highly polished for lasting beauty.

– The aluminum base provides enhanced heat distribution. No “hot spot”.

– Can cook on gas, electric, ceramic and induction surface

– Efficient and quick cooking saving up to 70% of usual cooking time and energy needed

– CE/GS Certificates